Historical Capitals of Armenia. Greater Armenia and Babylonian Map

The stamp is dedicated to the theme “Armenian history. Armenia on Ancient Maps”. The postage stamp depicts the map of Ptolemy’s Greater Armenia (II century A.D.) as well as the image of the Greek famous geographer, astronomer and mathematician Claudius Ptolemy.

 The postage stamp depicts the reproduced image of the Babylonian map of the World (VI century B.C.) as well as the graphical drawing of the map. One of the facts that Armenia is the ancient country is the Babylonian map of the World which is kept in the British Museum. It is a small clay tablet where three countries are listed in the center of the world - Babylon, Assyria and Armenia.

Date of issue: December 15, 2016

Designer: David Dovlatyan

Printing house: Cartor, France

Size: 40,0 x 30,0 mm

Print run50 000 pcs