12th Definitive Issue. Armenian Alphabet

On April 5, 2018, 3 postage stamps dedicated to the theme “12th definitive issue. Armenian alphabet” are put into circulation. These are the last three letters of the Armenian alphabet series and conclude the series which was started back in 2012. 

Armenian alphabet was developed around 405 AD by Mesrop Mashtots, an Armenian linguist and ecclesiastical leader. The alphabet is composed as a prayer, beginning with A as Astvats (=God) and ending with K' as K'ristos (=Christ). The original alphabet had only 36 letters. Later, in Middle Ages three more characters were added:

- և (yev) : actually a conjunction meaning "and". It is used only in minuscule. Therefore when using capitals, it must be written like two letters- ԵՎ. On the beginning pronounced “yev”, in the middle of the word “ev”.

- Օ : it is being used in the eastern Armenian on the beginning of the words when it is needed to be pronounced as “o”, instead of “Ո”, which is pronounced “vo” on the beginning of the words. In western Armenian, it is commonly used in the middle of the words.

And - ֆ (F).


Date of issue: April 05, 2018

Designer: Mariam Kanayan

Printing house: Lowe Martin Group, Canada

Size: 20,0 x 24,0 mm

Print run: և - 2 400 000 pcs

օ - 300 000 pcs

ֆ - 300 000 pcs